Custom ila blu Desire ARK

Custom ila blu Desire ARK

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Experience Desire ARK. 

A one of a kind experience in Adornment Manifestation ...

  • Revelation/Mining Phase Prior to our session you will receive a brief desire/style questionnaire. Guided by Tarot, Numerology, Astrology, etc. we will dig into the energy of your Intentions to gain clarity on what you desire to call in and/or let go.

  • Incubation/Creation Phase Via my powers of intuition, knowledge of materials and design skills I create your DESIRE ARK. Using Stones, Botanicals, Crystals, Metals and your personal intentions I bring to LIFE you Desire ARK Talisman. This phase includes a new and/or full moon bath to activate your Desire ARK. 

  • Journey Phase Your Deisre ARK is saged, wrapped and shipped to you.❤️

  • Manifestation Phase YOU activate your Desire ARK by placing your right hand on heart and holding ARK in your left hand. Whisper your intentions into your ARK. You can also write down your intentions and place them inside of your Talisman* (Intention Pocket ARKs only). Alternately, write down your intentions and place them under a candle holder (preferably on your altar), light candle. Now it is time to ADORN your Desire ARK. Wear it as often as possible to radiate your Intentions to the UNIverse. Witness the remarkable energy shift in your  LIFE & Desires!